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A Little Surfing History
Toledo Blade - July 4, 1988 - Surf's Up! Somers Here  Surf's Up! Somers Here
[Image] Surfing East - 1966 - Rhode Island Article                   /surfingeast.aspx
[Image] Providence Journal Bulletin - April 1966            /ProvidenceJournal.aspx
[Image] Home Furnishings Today - Industry People - First Jobs    /FirstJob.aspx
[Image] Home Furnishings Today - Young Lion Goes Own Way /younglion.aspx
[Image] Surfer Magazine Article - 1967                                   /surfermag.aspx
[Image] Podcast #1 - How We Got Into Surfing                        /podcast1.aspx
[Image] Podcast #2 - Surf Teams                           /SurfTeamsPodcast2.aspx
[Image] Podcast #3 - The Hobie Hearse                                 /Podcast3.aspx
[Image] Podcast #4 - Surf Music                                           /podcast4.aspx
[Image] Podcast #5 - Women Who Surf,          Skateboarding Podcast5.aspx 
[Image] Surfing Through Time - 1965 -                   2008 Surfing Through Time